Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Special Report: The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality

For several years now I've had a growing feeling that something about Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, just didn't add up.  I was rather relieved to have learned my concerns had been validated.  Thank you to Health Wyze for your research and dedication to truth and to your intuitiveness. VB
The number of queries to the Health Wyze Report for information about fraudulent alternative medicines and unwise supplementation has increased dramatically during the past couple of years. Some of the requests included questions about the wisdom of eating mushrooms to cure cancer, drinking iodine for thyroid issues, and the supposed benefits of eating underwater plants. The questions might have been funny if the long term results of the misinformation were not so tragic. As health researchers, we noticed unmistakable trends that could not be ignored concerning the increases in frequency of these requests. The spikes occurred especially after two events.
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Special Report: The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality
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