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What is the Illuminati?

When we find out that we have been duped on one thing it seems to lead us to question other things.  Amazing how a researcher never seems to get finished as an answer to one question only leads to another question.  This article I found on a FB group certainly leads to more questions, but answers many in the mean time.

What is the "Illuminati"? The Illuminati are made up of many people, organizations, secret societies, cults and businessmen working together to enslave the enti
re human race under their demonic New World Order plans. The blueprint of their New World Order Plan was written many years ago and they just continue to follow the blueprint of their "Architect". Their architect is Satan or Lucifer. The Illuminati are a group of Elitist who believe that they are superior to everyone else in this world and that we all should worship them as Gods and our only purpose is to serve their inbred bloodlines. There are many Satanic Bloodlines within the Illuminati's top tier include the following families: The Astor Bloodline, The Bundy Bloodline, The Collins Bloodline, The DuPont Bloodline, The Freeman Bloodline, The Kennedy Bloodline, The Li Bloodline, The Onassis Bloodline, The Reynolds bloodline, The Rockefeller Bloodline, The Rothschild Bloodline, The Russell Bloodline, The Van Duyn Bloodline, The Merovingian Bloodline, The Disney Bloodline, The Krupp Bloodline and The McDonald Bloodline. For an in-depth description about these various bloodlines please go to this site and read about the truly evil things these families have done and continue to do. ,

Where do these families come from you may ask? Most of these bloodlines have been carried down since the days of ancient Babylon, Egypt, Rome and other countries. These bloodlines are the very ones who have been in control of the masses for thousands of years, they have been the reason for every war in which this world has seen. So who is their ruler? That would be Satan or Lucifer himself, the self proclaimed messiah, the light bearer, Lucifer or Pharaoh. David Rockefeller is now the KING of the United Snakes of America and the western world. The Rockefeller's have brought their bloodline down all the way from the Pharaoh's of Egypt to this present day by inbreeding and only marrying into top Satanic/Occult families like the ones named above. The Kingdom of the Eastern Hemisphere is ruled by the Rothschild Bloodline. There are many different branches of these families under many different names.

They hide their bloodlines so they can place their own in power all around the world. Every United States president has been related to the Royal families of Britain, England and many more families within the hierarchy of the Occult bloodlines. The rock-en-fellers are one of the top satanic bloodlines and are from Satan himself. The Rockefellers started off as the rock-en-fellers. They own just about all of the land in New York City and New York. The net worth of John D Rockefeller Sr was in the billions by the late 1800's and no one knows the true wealth of these families but themselves. Bill Gates is nothing more than a puppet and has nothing compared to the older bloodlines like the Queen of England, Pope, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans etc. The empire of satan was founded in New York or the Big Apple of Sin. Manhattan was founded upon bedrock like the kingdom of the cavemen. If you recall the Flintstones there is a reason for everything they tell you or plant subliminally. The slogan for the rockefeller owned insurance company is so easy a caveman can do it. The world trade, stock exchange and united nations are all apart of this empire state. The Rockefellers want a new world order and they formed the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and much more to accomplish this. We are in the final stages of them implementing the final part of their blueprint which is to try to kill everyone expect for 550 million personal slaves. See the Georgia Guide stones for more information on this.

So how does their organizational structure work?

Let's start at the bottom and work our way to the top. The bottom of the pyramid is the easiest to control, manipulate and eliminate. The bottom consists of various secret societies and organizations like the entry level Freemasons, Shriners, Red Cross, United Way, Fraternities, Soroties and various other "Secret Oath Groups" These are the spies and snitches working for the middle and upper classes of the Illuminati. Most of these people are not truly aware of what they are involved in because the don't have the access to the true plans, they just want to be apart of something and be accepted. This is how the Illuminati control your local governments, House of Representatives and Businesses. The Free-masonic Lodges are were you find your "Semi-Rich Bloodlines" within your local communities, Police, Judges, Lawyers, Businessmen, Mayors etc etc. The higher they get into the ranks of these secret societies the better the jobs they will have, i.e Police Chiefs, Correctional Captains, Wardens, Mayors, Doctors, House of Representatives, Deans of College and the higher levels of your local communities. Most of these people create bloodlines by having their children join the various societies and continuing their influence only marrying into "Bloodlines" like theirs.

The highest positions within our government, politics and businesses are reserved for their top bloodlines or people who have Ivy League educations. What is the major difference in the education of Ivy League schools? Most of the Ivy Leagues schools students are already from an elite family or they are real poor but yet really smart students who can be manipulated easier by the control of their professors. In case you are not aware of it Ivy League schools are were all of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Chief Executive Officers, Supreme Court Judges, Doctors, Educational Presidents and Deans are made at. A majority of the students going to these schools already believe there is no God and that they are themselves Superior to the "poor". Ivy League schools like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Oxford etc etc are responsible for many of the plagues that have ravaged the poor including Aids, Influenza, H1N1, Powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroine, Prescription Drugs etc. They are rewarded for finding new and improved ways to kill the average human or make our life expectancy decline. The following picture is a good description of the core of the Illuminati's Organization. I will go into further details later on in this blog about the various ways they manipulate the masses, this section was just an over view of how their organization works.

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