Saturday, January 5, 2013


Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH:  Please keep in mind that all of the HUMANE groups have their origin in Great Britain or a country once held as a possession of the English.

Presently the major donor, a board member of the Humane Society International and the HSUS is Maurice Strong, a communist, the organizer of UN Agenda 21, who is now living in China because he took bribes when Assistant Secretary of the United Nations and is a felon but Billionaire who owns 250,000 acres in the State of Colorado where he has an Institute for Oriental Studies.

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I wonder what goes on at that Institute and how much information gathered ends up in China?  What a rat nest this group of destructive to agriculture and business bunch live in.

Oh, did I mention that the UN Agenda 21 calls for the economic down fall of the U.S.A. so as to force it int the One World Government?

Yes and look at the Korean contact, Miyun Park and her father Tun Sun Park, You may remember the Governor Edwin Edwards investigation because of rice bribes from Park?  Tun Sun Park was also the person who bribed Maurice Strong. 

What a comfortable group this is, almost incest when you tie them all together,

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