Saturday, March 9, 2013


Thanks to the internet and the current push for truth, justice, and peace throughout the world, we have the best chance in all of history to expose the corruption and neutralize the poison that is killing our planet.

Each of us are within and part of the nations of people in this world.  We have been given the ability and choice to use common sense and logic.  The expectation of our Creator is that we be good stewards of what we have been given.  Can we all agree on this men and women of planet earth? 

Nations of people are learning to change their way of life.  It must be done.  Bring a balance and harmony back onto this planet.  To do that, it may be a bit uncomfortable for some (most likely many).

I started a journey of sorts over 13 years ago now.  It started with learning one thing.  That one thing has led me through many years of research, meeting some incredible people, finding mentors that have forever touched my heart and soul and raised a plethora of other questions over time.  Many of those questions have now been answered but bring yet more questions.  Funny how that works.
I believe we all end up finding that "one thing".  The one thing that wakes us up and maybe brings us closer to who we really are.  It doesn't matter what the one thing is, what matters is that it triggers something within us that makes us begin to question the world around us. 

Glad we are here together.  ~Namaste'

Vickie Barker - AID Coordinator
ASH Researcher since 1999


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