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An Interview with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson – “From Weather Modification to Mortgages, Notes, and Foreclosures” – #160

April 3, 2013
Neo stopping bullets
A very important episode!

This episode is an interview with Freeman Burt and Clint Richardson, titled “From Weather Modification to Mortgages, Notes, and Foreclosures” and is being released on Wednesday, April 03, 2013. This interview with Clint and Burt was recorded on Tuesday, April 02, 2013.

Freeman Burt is a man who lives under the belief that all people are born free and that no one can be required to become someone’s servant. He’s almost 50yrs old and has been studying the elements of freedom for about twenty years.

Most of his gain in comprehension came when he fully accepted the fact that all legal relations require our consent. From that point of view it became easier to accept the truth that the Legal Law is correct. He is not claiming it is right or moral, just that it is correct in its application.

The more time he spent reading the actual statutes, codes and ordinances and legal dictionaries, the more he’s learning that we are in fact free and that we volunteer into servitude. Freedom is a voyage with no predetermined destination, because such destination does not exist. As long as there are slaves in this world we ourselves can never be free.

donotconsent83 (youtube)

Clint Richardson is back for his 7th or 8th time.
A protégé of Walter Burian, Clint has been on previously to discuss his videos The Corporation Nation, Lethal Injection, and his investigation of my own local School District, CAFR SCHOOL: RIM of the World Unified School District Expose. Clint has what I consider the most important information out there today on our economy and how it actually functions.

A former Hollywood sound designer and musician, a crisis of conscious led him to begin researching, writing, and eventually producing primary research documentaries exposing the very research that Hollywood is designed to hide from the masses. Now unable to work in his industry of study (for this Hollywood betrayal), Clint applies his professional sound talent and newly learned video skills, as well as a devotion to first-hand, primary research and writing, to contribute to the “Waking Up” of the population at large. His credo… expose “them” until they dispose of him.

Clint’s paper: Do You Own Your Children? Mentioned in this episode:


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