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The Brutal Truth Movement

The Brutal Truth Movement:

We are selfless, brave and determined activists who recognise that we are over the target and that we are dead already so we have nothing to lose by speaking the Brutal Truth. We are essentially Kamikazes in the information war.
The Brutal Truth Movement is comprised of red listed and targeted hardcore activists that put out the most critical and brutal information in response to the truth movement being steered by "politically correct", diluted truth (ie "soft activism") Delphi Technique, Consensus Creation and other such Tavistock and Common Purpose style social constraints.
Soft activism/diluted truth as a design and mechanism of social control exploits people's  fundamental tribal instincts and fear of:
1 ) rejection by the majority for being "negative, apocalyptic and depressing" by telling the brutal truth rather than easier to digest dilutions of it, mis/disinfo etc...
2 ) repercussions/dire consequences  and others such as electronic behaviour modification, torture, incapacitation and assassination with advanced and withheld science, technology, mind control etc...
Designed in the agencies of social control and the shadows above government, this "politically correct", "socially acceptable", "positive",  “peaceful”, "Love n' Lighty" community control is perpetrated with tried and proven precision by eager, misguided and/or malicious gatekeepers/facilitators managed by a higher level ‘intelligence’ idiot. 
The perpetrators are not just hopeful people that are trying to remain positive while making the world a better place, people afraid to scare off those new to the globalist conspiracy or people who cannot understand and handle the brutality of our current reality. They’re usually psychopathic and eager aspiring agents of social control within or cranked out of political science, political thought, law, law enforcement, psychology, social psychology and philosophy classes and the co-opted "social justice" collectives in densely populated and *heavily funded* and controlled universities, colleges and other "higher learning" institutions.

Their existence is yet another example of the complete control exercised over anything of significance by the ruthless ruling group who intend to stay on top of the social pyramid as they have for thousands of years.
Examples of diluted truth/soft activism include but are in no way limited to:
- 1) the threat posed by 'smart'meter is merely things like price gouging, invasion of privacy and the little/short bursts of harmful radiation going from house to house, then up to a tower rather than it being installed aggressively worldwide as an integral upgrade/component of the genocidal technetronic grid. 
- 2) that Monsanto's poisonous patents,  pesticides and GMO's are bad for you (even that they kill) rather than stating that they are an integral part of globalist weaponised, synergistic food, chemical, biological and genetic warfare, Codex Alimentarius (“Food Rules”), Article 200, Agenda 21, etc - in short that Monsanto is a major component of the military - industrial complex and that their poisons, products, lobby, subsequent legislation and GMOs = GENOCIDE

3) that 'geoengineering/chemtrails HAARP is "weather modification" (and even control) - possibly to "protect us" from 'global warming' or even make us sick due to the Wall Street connection/lobby rather than stating clearly that it being used aggressively worldwide as an integral component of genocidal globalist complex and synergistic warfare and weaponised aerosol - electromagnetic delivery systems, being:

- i )  toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive aerosolised aluminium and metal oxides, hot particles, etc...

- ii ) chemical, biological and advanced biological and genetic - technetronic warfare, 

- iii ) nano - bio - polymer warfare, 'smart'dust, quantum dots, microswitches, nano transmitting, receiving and control systems. Aerosol - electromagnetic warfare, advanced biological and genetic  - technetronic warfare for population reduction and control and bio - technological/technetronic enslavement
- iv ) tectonic and weather warfare currently being used to kill off Humanity, Mother Earth, Her creatures and ecosystems. It is about culling the ‘surplus population’ and killing off and controlling everything critical to the world's food supply.
There are many, many more examples, of course. 

Soft activism and outright mis & disinformation is what allows these soft ‘truthers’ to get large audiences/numbers of hits while those of us that recognise the urgency posed by and thus expose the most critical threats and aspects of the diabolical globalist agenda are being electronically censored, sabotaged and attacked via the technetronic grid.
With increasing frequency hardcore activists, dissidents whistle blowers, investigative reporters and otherwise targeted individuals, groups, administrations and populations are being irradiated, microwaved, lobotomised with psychotronic frequencies, tortured, physically and mentally incapacitated and assassinated (as per NDAA) with no regard for due process of Natural Law, Human, Charter and Constitutional Rights, the Geneva Convention etc.
Clearly history is repeating, but with much more dire consequences due to the advanced and withheld technology. To be clear here, more people are about to die here on Earth than ever before in human history – badly.
Despite the resistance and repercussions the Brutal Truth Movement is necessary to expose this control of the flow of the most critical information about the world's leading critical threats to the majority as that control is one of those most critical threats in itself.
There is a list of topics which, when communicating the most critical aspects of them, generates the greatest electronic/technetronic response, indicative of the covert and domestic use of electromagnetic weaponry for political control.
Those topics include, but are in no way limited to telling the Brutal Truth about the suppression of the flow of brutal truth to the majority as the Globalists dumb and bring down the population and bring in their diabolical WWIII, Global Domination, Population Reduction and Bio - Technological/Technetronic Enslavement Agenda. This is covert domestic use of directed energy weapons and advanced and withheld science, technology and mediSIN for political control including but in no way limited to:
- i)  chemtrails/HAARP = Globalist Genocide
- ii) the use of private "security" contractors like Blackwater => Xe => Academi, KBR, Halliburton and military contractors like the Carlyle Group, Raytheon, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Krupp –  too many to list
- iii) False Flag Terror Attacks, Psyops, coup D’etats, on line astroturf and on and off line controlled opposition groups and other such techniques and mechanisms of perception management
- iv) the poisoning of our water supply with flouride, toxic and radioactive particles, Fukushima, tailings, acids, water war crimes/water wars etc. – all occurring with the complicity of our government, Jewdiciary and regulatory agencies
- v)  fracking and other genocidal "power" corporations' activities
- vi) Corexit, Phosgene, other toxic chemical assaults on the environment and acts of ecoterrorism
- vii) GMO's Poisonous chemicals in food and the blatant use of Monsanto and DOW Chemical etc (as in previous wars) as major manufacturers/component of the globalist military - industrial complex
- viii) Pharmaceuticals, vaccinations as WMDs/Murder By Injection, the Medical Mafia, medical - 'legal' - 'insurance' fraud and racketeering, etc...
- ix) Rothschild CounterFIAT Currency, fraud, embezzlement, Ponzi and insider trading schemes, the global economic collapse, bankster bailouts, seizure of citizen’s social security pensions, assets and savings accounts, etc.
- x)  the complete weaponisation and control of all information,  technology, the Hollywood, teLIEviSION, music and gaming industries which in concert with the technetronic grid and weaponised education make up the mind control matrix and everything else of human significance
- xi) Weaponised religious and political ideologies and their divide and conquer rule in the diabolical WWIII, Global Domination, Population Reduction and Bio - Technological/Technetronic Enslavement Agenda: Weaponised Jewry/Zionism/Jesuits/Catholicism/Christianity etc... as well as 'National' Left - Right and Geo political Communism/Socialism/Capitolism Paradigms - all cases in point.

- xii) weaponised and exploited language, national, cultural/ethnic, social, sexual and even the inherent differences between us all as individuals
- xii) Indigenous genocide, ritual residential school and institutional sexual, physical, emotional, cultural and Spiritual abuse, torture, murder, surgical and pharmaceutical experimentation, sterilization, eugenics and the most horrific forms of social engineering in human history.
- xiii) the complete control of our power structure through satanic secret societies, fraternities, Old Boy’s Clubs, shadow government and non governmental organisations (NGOs) – all with a hidden hierarchy/allegiance to the foreign power and all controlled through the dirty secrets bond as they advance through the hierarchy. This is the world’s leading terrorist and criminal organisation – the ruthless ruling group I refer to daily as I attempt to expose them to a significant audience with the intention to form true resistance to tyranny, genocide and bio – technological enslavement and what is to soon be the “Hot” stage of WWIII.
The list is larger of course, but that gives you a clearer picture of how this works. Essentially putting out the brutal truth about any significant NWO topic and critical threat will get us classified and processed. Explaining how rifts are designed in advance and both exploited and orchestrated between us really gets them hopping. For instance, when I typed this document out on this computer it heated up (microwave emissions) and slowed right down, I lost control of my cursor, keys and commands and my mind became limited due to an increase in psychotronic frequencies and microwave targeting through the technetronic grid limiting my ability to continue or edit this document.
It is long enough as it is and I am grateful to have been able to show this electronic behaviour modification in action – from an intimate perspective. 
For all children everywhere, in an effort to combat global tyranny, genocide and the biological and genetic - technological destruction and enslavement of Humanity we must be willing to pay the highest price or the world's leading criminal and terrorist organisation will become our human legacy here on Earth and in the multiverse at Large. 
We have a moral, legal and Spiritual obligation to Harden Up to the Brutal Truth & FTNWO!
To be clear, it is illegal NOT to.

-Alex Hunter
Pres, CoFounder
The Brutal Truth Movement

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