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William Guy Carr - The Pawns in the Game Speech

This is another in depth insight in the GLOBAL system of slavery we are all born into. In line with the exposure and revelations of William Cooper and " Behold a Pale Horse" or Dr John Coleman " The Committee of 300" or a milestone speech by Benjamin Freidman who clearly explains the Khazar conspiracy. William Guy Carr's book " The Pawns in the Game" is essential reading.  

There is a lot to learn to come to terms with the reality of our situation and by learning all we can, we can help others to wake up and unite together against the real enemies.

Their systems are complex, especially when unfamiliar however, with a good understanding the reality does set in and then becomes obvious. The obscenely rich oligarchs despise the masses, the commoners, the useless eaters and have been working for centuries to farm and control humanity. Once the deceptions are revealed, we can all unite and quickly STOP the real world Illuminati conspiracy. 

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Published on 11 Jun 2012

This is a speech of William Guy Carr, who was one of the foremost conspiracy researchers. You do not need to believe entirely what he says. There are some things I don't believe, as matter of fact. But the speech should show you that the world might not be as you think it is.

You have been trained to see the world a certain way. You have been trained by schools, universities, your peers and the media. But the day you think you know what the world exactly is like, will be the day you are wide open for deception.

Love is the only reality. The rest, God will sort out.

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