Friday, March 27, 2015

We Do Not Know What We Do Not Know

Here is a list put together by a friend.  So as to save time, we've put a list here of their research and hope you will feel free to increase your knowledge of some of the things that do in fact effect each and everyone to some degree.

RICHPLANET TV - Evidence of NASA's Mars Rover Deception Part 2 - 16/01/2...: via @YouTube

NASA Obscures Mars Metal Object With Sun Glint On It - Vid-

Corroborated New 9/11 Data Dump-

CIA Funding Geo-Engineering To Weaponize Weather-

TPP - The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Ever Seen - Vid-

New genetic code can take over your DNA imprint-


Dead cow carcasses "resurrected" to produce cloned beef-

DHS Is “Positioning” to Secretly Arrest American Dissidents-

5 Ways Doctors Seduce Mothers Into Getting Their Babies Vaccinated-

Merck vaccine scientist admits presence of SV40 and AIDS in vaccines -

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used For Depopulation (In other words to kill you, cause an early death)

They Want to Destroy your Human DNA THEY WANT YOU DEAD!-

Increasing fluoride levels, lower fertility rates. Depopulation here in the US, right in your water. So don't imagine depopulation is an esoteric subject. -

MINDFIELD #MOSSAD •Documents from inside the WH, CIA & other agencies


Utility Boss Emails Reveal Smart Meter Conspiracy-

US Helped Israel Build Its Hydrogen Bomb - Vid-

have I had the tavistock conversation with you yet?-

MEDICAL DOCTOR Recognizes Energy Weapons Used on Patients-

REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Awareness!: via @YouTube

DARPA Program Seeks to Use Brain Implants to Control Mental Illness | MIT Technology Review-

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetic's - Humans Have NO Defense-

Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control-

You'll Never Guess Who Started The Holocaust Story!-

Ward - Zionism...The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind-

The Cause Of Our Conflict-

Peak Crackers - The Anti Semitic Jewish Zionist Punch Bowl - Vid=

NOT for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO-

How Zionism Exploits Judaism, Kills Jews Around The World-

More Holocaust Fantasy Fraud Memoirs Revealed-

What Zion Doesn't Want You To See-

Zionist Israel's Thermonuclear
Blackmail Of America-

They:The Illuminati MK Ultra Handlers-

Illuminati Beast System

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