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Pauper v. Probate: The Hidden Holocaust

In the First Civil Court of Public Opinion

Pauper Case No. : PD1


Probate Court Filed: November 8, 2011

(The Biggest Business in the World)

Judge “We, the People”, presiding

Today, we will take a break from the trial in the Court of Public Opinion pertaining to the Conservatorship of John Daniel Tate aka Danny Tate and address the greater issue at hand,

Guardianship/Conservatorship Abuse


I imagine its easy for those who have not been effected by this abuse to pass it by with indifference, for there is very little obvious evidence that this Crime Against Humanity exists, but it does. Those most effected are the elderly who have been put away, silenced, kept from their loved ones by Court Order, stripped of all legal, civil and inalienable rights, most of all human rights. Constitutional guarantees are trampled upon by lower court probate judges who subvert the Law unchecked in the name of greed, for there is no other reasonable conclusion.

The Case Files are often sealed, the Dockets intentionally deficient, insuring these probate practitioners do their Crimes Against Humanity undetected.

I believe history will judge guardianship abuse as the Hidden Holocaust of this age, and it is a Holocaust.

Just as the Holocaust of World War II went virtually unknown and unimagined until Allied troops finally took Germany, so will be the case with Guardianship Abuse, especially those left to live out their “golden years” as prisoners of the probate courts.

Mark my word, history will not judge these judges kindly.

Someday, and I pray it is soon, when the probate court is finally taken down by the allied advocates, only then will we know the countless numbers who, as I write, are suffering from these Crimes Against Humanity.

I am dumbfounded by how our Public Servants have turned a blind eye to this obvious corruption, how indifferent they are to these egregious acts, how this era of thievery seems to make loyalty such a cheap commodity, and its open season for predators to prey upon human lives.

It’s beyond inhumane, it’s an unspeakable horror, and when you’ve been a direct victim of this Crime Against Humanity, only then could you begin to imagine the impact that being a legal ghost, a slave-like commodity who predators take turns kicking while your hands are tied, your wounded, lying on the figurative ground. Well, I can tell you firsthand, it is a miracle that I’ve lived to tell.

If you do come out alive, you come out dead broke.

Many implore me to move on and leave it behind, but how can I, with the knowledge of those who are still imprisoned and living out their final years in a “concentration camp” with death doctors, literally, treated worse than animals, for truly in this day and time of the “politically correct”, animals are shown more compassion than the elderly trapped in the hell of guardianship abuse.

Besides, in my case, the theft continues and Judge Randy Kennedy, being of the criminal nature, conspires and facilitates the ongoing looting of my estate, shamelessly giving marching orders to his colleague down the hall, Judge Philip Smith, 4th Circuit Court (divorce/child support), using my children as pawns to effect his unconscionable retribution. This man is truly nothing less than evil incarnate, drunk on his robes, yet utterly incompetent to sit on a bench, much less carry a license to practice law. He belongs behind bars for the rest of his errant life, and as God as my witness, I will do all in my power to place him and his co-conspirators behind bars, for they are a menace to society.

Yet, even within the ranks of the advocates lurks the predators of an even more egregious intent, for they come in the name of help while plotting their own ulterior motive of unrighteous gain. These predators have demoralized me more than the obvious ones, for I cannot, and do not desire to ever comprehend this mentality, one void of good intention, but always on the look out for another wounded victim to prey upon. Once outed, they join ranks with the enemies, but they were truly in their ranks from the gate. I have come to doubt that all humans have a salvageable soul, rather there are those born to evil and nothing less.

“The Lord had made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil” [Proverbs 16:4]

American doctors educated doctors of the Third Reich to the “science” of Eugenics, which led to the genocide of millions of Jews. Today, the father of Eugenics face adorns the emblem of the American Psychiatric Association. The intent of Eugenics has carried over into the probate courts of today, where guardianships have morphed into nothing more the cleansing from society those deemed “disabled”. Instead of celebrating the elderly, our society has deemed them unfit, non-contributors and they are rushed to an early grave while their estates are quickly looted before the shovel hits the dirt.

For me, it’s not a “cause”, it’s a calling, as one faded advocate once proclaimed, a moral imperative, but I guess morals are conditional, also, or so I’ve discovered in my journey through, “Court Ordered Hell”.

Morals? Hell, who am I to proclaim morality, but know this, all ye that enter herein, I will not countenance the immorality of the predator who comes in the name of a “cause”, then leaves with their pockets spilling with the spoils from their ulterior motive, be it money, be it personal recognition, be it anything that is not founded on the spiritual principle of giving without expecting anything in return, fighting the good fight, staying the course to the end, going “all in” or nothing at all.

At the same time, I realize we are all stumbling our way to salvation, however you may believe, and even if you don’t, you are.

If you’re looking for a saint, you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you’re looking for a pauper willing to speak truth to power, as imperfect as the efforts may appear, then you have found your page.

Money? I’ve been set free, involuntarily, but beautifully. And I witness almost everyday how vicious even the best of friends become once you challenge their pocketbook. I wish for everyone the freedom that comes with nothing, barely a pot to piss in, yet a heart filled with peace and comfort, while at the same time sorrow and grief, for I do grieve the absence of my daughters in my life. They will return to me in God’s time, in their time, for they have seen enough of the light of love that will illuminate the way back home-someday.

At the same time, I fight for their love and it’s this fight, and the fight for those that have no voice, that makes me rise before the sun and diligently work at chipping away, piece by piece, the Mt. Everest that has been placed before me, with no ropes, no hooks, no spikes in my shoes and my hands tied behind my back. Yet, there is a way, and most of the time I don’t see the way until its right there in front of me. I’ve stopped looking up to see how far I have to go, and just look at the next step and taking that step, even into the darkness, with blind faith.

And here I will proclaim shamelessly, there is a Power greater than me at work, doing for me what I cannot do for myself, providing a strength that is beyond my human frailty, bolstering me when my spirits fail, showing a wisdom that is beyond my capability, and it is a beautiful life when Faith is all that is left. I’m fortunate to have lost it all and found my soul. And I’ve discovered that most who claim they have, have not. God isn’t their savior, he’s their excuse. If we are truly created in God’s image, then like me, God is blushing over what has been done, and is done, in His name.

Many talk in whispers and say, “Ah, he got what he deserved…”, as they drink their wine , snort their blow and watch reality TV, some with their children asleep upstairs. Most want to hide their shame behind someone else’s. Public shaming fascinates and distracts those from their own. How convenient to have someone else to deflect the light of accountability.

No one deserves what’s been done to me or anyone thrust involuntarily into the hell of guardianship abuse, and don’t try to empathize, for you cannot unless it’s been done to you. But at the least, show some sincere sympathy instead of taking your turn at getting a kick in while you hide your secret sins behind another’s hell on earth.

Yes, it is the Hidden Holocaust of the new millennium and I believe history will judge it as such.

We may someday be able to forgive……but, let us never forget.

fac fortia et patere

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