Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tell It As You SEE It

What I attune to with Beverly is that she tells it as she sees it, with no baloney involved. So if you want baloney, stop reading right here!

Thank you for your email. I saw something a few days ago about Jeb Bush. They said he couldn’t win if he ran but I don’t remember the reason. We will have the president we are supposed to have no matter what any of the politicians, including President Obama, do or say. There is a Spiritual Evolution/Revolution on the planet. The Age of Aquarius started in 2012. The change has already started in the financial area with 81 bank personnel from all over the world resigning and Timothy Geithner exposed for what he did with AIG and Goldman Sachs….he, Summers and Paulson will probably be some of the first to be charged as criminals. There will be 1000,s more implicated all over the world. This exposure will be a real big thing.

Channeled information has been coming through to many of the Lightworkers on this planet that get information about this whole situation so they can pass it on to some of us.

Look at all of the Senators and Representatives in Congress that have decided not to run again. They know there will be arrests of a large number of them. They don’t want to be in Washington, D. C. when all hell breaks loose! The underground bases built to save the lives of those in Congress who have dirt on their hands (which is most of them) when the shit hits the fan have all been destroyed. That is why we had what they called earthquakes in Virginia and Colorado. In the one in VA homes were built and furnished with everything needed for survival for those in the government who are the crooks involved in this terrible mess…which is most of them. These underground bases all over the world have been destroyed. 60% of the people in the Pentagon have changed over to the other side which is a big problem for the Illuminati. David told us that one media outlet finally dropped out of their clutch. That was ABC/Fox News and they are the ones that came out with the story about Timothy Geithner [KP note: Ben Fulford last week wrote that CBS broke ranks with the cabal]. You haven’t heard a peep about any of this from any of the mainstream media even though the banking shakeup is worldwide!

The one under the airport in Denver was to house a bunch more of the elite and government higher ups and there were lots more bases all over this country to save those who were going to run everything. Some kind of very advanced sound/laser type of energy was used to destroy everything in these places. The Illuminati had plans to eliminate over a billion people and their New World Order would be put in place. It was designed to have the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans, the Windsors & most of the other Royal families run the world and those of us that were left would have been the slaves. As farfetched as this sounds it is what has been planned for years by these families who own all of the wealth in this world. Things are looking very bad for their plan at this time so gasoline will now go out of sight in price in a last ditch attempt to hold on to their control of the world.

We are getting help from the Divine Forces. They use sound and Light to do their work. Those missiles that wouldn’t fire, that ship that got sunk and many many other things have been taken care of by the Divine Forces. As crazy as this sounds to you and to 99% of the people that is what has happened and is happening. Those who think they are good Christians trying to help the wealthy keep their money are part of the anti-Christ movement and don’t even know it! They honestly think they are doing good!

There are also thousands of people who are mind controlled by the government including Navy Seals and others that they use for all kinds of awful things that will shock you until your teeth rattle when all of this is exposed. You will be shocked beyond belief when all of this comes to light and it is coming to light very, very soon. A new day is dawning. It started several years ago when the Light Forces started channeling information through and to people like David Wilcock and many others that were sent here to help awaken the rest of us. Their job is monumental and certainly not fun. Their lives have been threatened but they got the information out and are protected. Most people don’t have a clue.

I am fortunate that Spirit sent me to Hawaii where I would have the opportunity to learn from and work with some of these people. Now I get information from all over the country on what is going on with this transformation on all levels. I don’t care how crazy anyone thinks I am. I am going to keep sending out this information until they ask me not to include them anymore. It isn’t exactly fun for 80 year old me to spend so much time sitting at this computer reading and listening to all of the information sent to me and then deciding…one by one…who I should send that particular piece of information to but that is my job as one of the Lightworkers on this planet.

People need to take the blinders off and wake up. I sent the David Wilcock stuff to lots of people but many won’t bother to listen to it because they are too busy with their little mundane things and they don’t want to be inconvenienced by spending time listening to that when they can be watching sports, playing with their ipods, doing their facebook, playing cards or other games or whatever their hobby is. They will think it is just some more of that crazy stuff that Beverly sends out. How they will wish they had listened to it rather than delete it when enough stuff has happened to jar them out of their complacency! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!


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